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How long will it take for me to receive my memorial?

We make every effort to have your memorial at your door within 3 to 4 weeks. This considers a shipping time via ground transportation of 4-5 business days in most cases.

How much will my memorial cost?

The prices detailed on our home page reflect the total amount you will pay. This includes shipping, insurance and applicable taxes. Return to www.pet-memorial.net to view these prices.

Can I add an extra words to my message?

While our order form does limit the number of words you can enter in your message, we will attempt to accomodate any message you would like. Please keep in mind that our limitations are due to space and your message may eventually become too small to carve.

What are your memorials made of?

We carve all of our products from naturally quarried stone. The black granite is extremely hard and durable and is most commonly used in the memorial industry. All the other memorials are carved from angel stone marble, a hard dolomite limestone quarried from the same formation that the niagara falls flows over. As a natural stone, it has been forming over millions of years and displays all the vagaries of that process. Consequently, each stone is unique and one may even exhibit a fossil or two. The coloring ranges from a blue-grey to a beige sepia but is entirely dependent on the vein of rock being quarried at the moment.

Can my pet memorial be place outdoors?

Yes! Our memorials are made of all natural marble and granite. These are not unlike any other rock you may have in your garden. We have been placing these stones outdoors in all climates and are fully confident in their ability to 'weather' the elements.

Will my pet memorial or marker stand upright?

Each of our epitaph series memorials are 2 inches think and thusly will stand confidently on their own if you provide them a flat surface to sit on. While our granite memorials will not stand on their own, we do offer an outdoor grade metal stand which they may sit if you wish for your memorial to be displayed upright.

How are the memorials shipped?

We use DHL within the U.S. and Purolator Courier in Canada. The shipping time is 4-5 days and can be tracked using a pin number. Please contact our staff about the availability of the pin number.

Why does it take so long to receive a memorial?

Each memorial is hand carved and depending on the stone....hand chiseled. This is a very involved process and cannot be rushed. There is also design or layout time to be considered as well as shipping.

Do I have a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes! We stand behind both the quality of our stone, and our craftsmanship. Great care and diligence goes into every memorial we create. If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, simply contact us within 30 days and we will exchange your returned memorial for a replacement or full refund.